Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage

Water damage at this office was the result of a water pipe bursting in the adjoining bathroom. The water pipe had failed during the weekend, so there was plent... READ MORE

Before and After Home Fire

These clients were affected by a fire this past summer. SERVPRO was quick on the site to assist the home owners. Our Heroes came in, boxed their contents and ... READ MORE

Storms Damaged Property, SERVPRO Rose to the Challenge

There have been occasions when the rains have turned to floods. SERVPRO was called to the aid of a commercial property owner whose business had been damaged i... READ MORE

Heavy Storms Damage Garage and Storage Unit - SERVPRO Restores It

Some home andbusiness ownersare experiencing heavy water damage when structures flood. These two pictures are a great example. Building when garage and storage ... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration in an Apartment

Our customers trust SERVPRO with their business and residential structure restoration after water or fire damage for one very important reason. They know we'll... READ MORE

Water Damage

Water damage to this Concord home’s hardwood flooring soaked and caused cupping to the planks of the wood floor. Cupping is the result of moisture absorpt... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup in a Retail Store

The small fire did little damage to the trash container after the electric hand dryer malfunctioned. SERVPRO can respond rapidly to a small retail shop in the B... READ MORE

What Should I Do if My Home Is Damaged in a Fire?

After the firefighters leave your home you may find doors and windows damaged beyond immediate repair. Leaving gaping holes and opening to your home can cause m... READ MORE

Storm Damage

Faster Response Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response ... READ MORE

How to Restore a Building After a Broken Pipe

Large scale flooding is cannot be avoided sometimes. This facility had a pipe break that flooded a couple of floors, rendering many of the rooms unusable. The i... READ MORE