Photo Gallery

Wet Wall!

Wall Time!

Here you can see this air-mover trying to dry this wall that had gotten wet. This job took 2 1/2 days to get this wall back to its normal look.

Hole in the Ceiling

Water In The Hole!

In this photo there is a hole in the ceiling which was cause by a pipe break from the bathroom upstairs  causing a huge amount of water to come out of this big hole in the ceiling.

Mold In the Stairwell


In this home a pipe was leaking which led to mold in this home from all the moisture and humidity. 

Large break in bedroom ceiling

Break in bedroom ceiling

A tree hit the top of this home puncturing the roof of the home all the way into this bedroom ceiling cause a serious water damage to this bedroom.

Carpet fully restored after water damage

Furnace leak

This damage was due to a furnace leak, which caused damage to the flooring and baseboards.

Storm, Wind, and Water Damage

The entry of rainwater through the storm damaged roof soaked and destroyed many of these ceiling tiles. Our SERVPRO technicians tossed the damaged materials and set up drying equipment to remove the moisture from the attic trusses. We sprayed an antifungal product to stop the chance of a mold infestation before we replaced the discarded batten insulation.

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage occurred at this retail facility when vandals stopped up the sink and left the water running. The tile floor held up through the standing water that was created. However, there was water damage to the wood door frames of the stalls and the drywall. We extracted the standing water and set up commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the affected areas.

Fire Damaged Ceiling

An electrical short started a fire in the attic area of this den. Fire codes weren't followed in the construction of this room, and now there was a mess. We completed the demolition, (after the electrician had fixed the unapproved workmanship), and then sanitized and deodorized the damaged area in preparation for a rebuild.

Getting Down and Dirty

Out techs in a commercial building that got flooded with sewage water. They are wearing protective gear and cleaning every inch of this commercial building. For any water damage call SERVPRO 

Bathroom Flood

Our machines hard at work drying the bathroom after a water leak. A toilet supply line broke, and water ran most of the weekend, flooding the bathroom.  Fortunately, a floor drain prevented it from flooding the entire building.

Laundry Room Flood

This laundry room needed to be gutted out to make sure the entire room was dried completely. Floors gone, walls down and room emptied, we got our air movers and dehumidifiers in and working.

Office Flood

We were called to the scene to extract the water immediately. You can see the water pooling along side the carpet. Not to worry, we got the situation handled and under control.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage adversely impacted this home when heavy wind and rain storms broke a window over a three-day weekend while the family was away. We were required to remove and dispose of the carpeting while cutting a portion of the drywall away to allow for proper drying and mold prevention. If your home is impacted by storm damage

Storm Damage

Storm damage at this home was inflicted by high winds and torrential rainfall. The photo shows the water damage to the ceiling. The source of the water was from damaged roofing materials that the powerful winds had blown away. When we arrived, heavy rain was still falling. The first thing we did was provide emergency containment for the roof to prevent further water damage to the ceiling in the house. We removed the damaged ceiling material and cleaned up water. When the rain subsided, we positioned air movers and dehumidification equipment throughout affected areas of the home. The roof has been repaired, and the new ceiling material is ready to be installed. When completed the home will have been returned to preloss conditions much more quickly than the homeowners had expected. Storms can be very unpredictable and the damage they leave behind can be extensive. If your property encounters storm damage, 

Storm Water

A burst pipe from the restroom covered this floor with clean, fresh water that reflected like a mirror. We quickly pumped out the water and set up some high-velocity fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the rest of this small telephone retail shop.

Moldy Wall

This Black Mold was about to be eradicated by one of our SERVPRO Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians wearing his PPE, personal protective equipment. After assessing the depth of the hyphae, it was determined to cut out this corner section of the drywall, discard it according to local regulations, and then spray the area to kill existing mold and its spores. We finished the job by closing up the demolished area of the wall with new material. We do it right, the first time

Mold Inside a Wall

The moisture from a leak inside this wall accumulated at the base of the metal studs and the dormant mold spores had the food source, water, and lack of sunlight to flourish. The must odor brought the problem to the attention of the owners. Our workers quickly removed the drywall and disinfected the damaged areas.

Storm Damage

Storm damage was sustained when rainwater from a storm found its way into this section of the office space. The carpeting was in square sections, and many were too saturated to save. We needed to dispose of them to dry the subflooring. Commercial air movers and dehumidifiers helped during the drying phase of the project.

Late Night Call for Water Damage

Arriving quickly to the scene when there is water damage is the MOST helpful way to prevent further damage. That's just what we did in this photo, arriving at 1 AM to begin mitigation.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel Whether it is a fire or water damage we can help pick up the pieces and get your property back together. SERVPRO will help you with any project from start to finish. 

Mold Under Toilet

Overtime the seal under this toilet had degraded allowing some water to pool after each flush. Each flush gave the mold more moisture causing it to flourish. Also, the subfloor lost its structural integrity which finally gave out.

Mold Damage in Kitchen

Check out this picture of severe mold in a kitchen SERVPRO  was able to have tested and removed for the client very quickly. 

Water Damage in Building

Here is a picture of water in a hallway of a large building. SERVPRO was able to quickly respond and extract the water to get the building dry and back open for business. 

Flood Damage from Storm

This pictures shows an office that was impacted by a rain storm and caused flooding in the building. SERVPRO  was able to help extract and clean from the damages. 

Mold Growing in Home

SERVPRO responded to this mold call, to find it growing all over the house. It was left untreated for several years and the moisture issues were never corrected. If you have any questions on mold remediation, feel free to contact us at anytime. 

Fire Damage

This was a severe fire our team responded to. The entire home had significant smoke damage. SERVPRO  was able to pull out most of the clients belongings and help get them back in their home. 

Commercial Loss

There's never a convenient time for fire or water damage to strike your business. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we'll be there fast with the help you need. 

After a Fire Loss

Our senior disaster relief specialist Tom Krywucki responded to a fire at one of his customers apartment buildings. This young man did not have a coat on after the fire loss. Tom gave him his coat and deemed him a future disaster recovery specialist.

After a fire take comfort in knowing that our SERVPRO team will always help you to feel relieved after a loss. We are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pack Out

Our warehouse and trained cleaning staff are ready to handle any size loss. We can fully clean your items and pack them until you are ready to have them placed back in your home or commercial space.

Clean Room

After a large or small loss, take comfort in knowing that SERVPRO can help every step of the way. We have a state of the art facility with a clean room. The clean room is where we can clean your residential or commercial items before returning them or packing them for storage.

SERVPRO Generator

Our generator is equipped to handle any size job. Some job sites may have lost power and therefore a generator is the only way that we can guarantee the job will be done effectively and in a timely manner.

Our Warehouse

After a water or fire loss most times there are belongings that can be salvaged. Our warehouse is equipped to store your personal belongings after such a loss, until your property is back in pre loss condition.

Large Stock of Dehumidifiers and Fans

We at SERVPRO, have the ability to take on jobs of all sizes. These dehumidifiers are always ready for any size job that requires drying. Some jobs need to dry before the next phase of work can be completed.  

Our Fleet

Our fleet of vehicles are always ready so that we can help with any of your restoration, cleaning or remidation needs. Once you call SERVPRO with your problem, we give you the support you need on your loss immediately.

Flood Damage Specialists

When life sometimes seems to all hit you at once, SERVPRO is the name that you can always count on. We can help you get your life together in case of a flood. No matter the size job we can handle it!


Just when you thought that there was no way that you could get your property restored as soon as possible. SERVPRO guarantees to have it look "Like it never even happened!"